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If you’re looking for a siding contractor to help replace your broken siding or just replace your old siding with an updated option for home improvement. We can help you find the right solution to your problem.



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Types of Siding We Offer

Vinyl Siding

Stone Veneer Siding

Polymer Cedar Shake Siding

About Wyomissing Structures

We’ve been serving the Wyomissing area as a trusted siding contractor for over 10 years.

Our Amish crews have a reputation for high-quality work and respectful treatment for the homes we work on like they were our own.

If you’re looking for a local siding contractor to work with you to discuss your needs, your budget and find the best possible options to make your home into the place you’ve always dreamed it could be, call Wyomissing Structures.

Check Out Some of the Siding Options We Carry

Shakes & Shingles

Insulated Siding


Board & Batten

MainStreet ™ Clapboard Effect

Chamfer Board

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Siding FAQs

Can Siding Be Repaired?

Some damage can be repaired with a simple patching if it’s a small hole. Other instances where the siding is buckling or delaminating or warping may mean it’s been installed improperly. To fix these issues you usually have to remove the siding to see what’s happened. Depending on your siding this require taking a large section of siding off than you might think.

What Is The Most Durable Siding?

The vinyl siding options that we carry are some of the most durable options on the market. Vinyl is not only non porous, which means it won’t absorb moisture over time and lead to rotting, but it’s also flexible which means it can resist a good bit of damage without breaking or cracking.

Our stone veneer options are made of a stone aggregate which makes them very hard and very resistant to breaking and cracking. Although they are slightly porous, the aggregate is not vulnerable to rot.


When Should You Replace Siding?

For most siding, you want to look for cracks, warping, bubbles in your exterior paint, and other signs that the siding is wearing out.

Wood siding tends to have a life span of about 10 years. After that, they tend to fade which means they are becoming more vulnerable.

Another good sign is if your energy bills begin to increase dramatically. This means the siding is not keeping the interior climate of the house as controlled anymore.

How Much Does It Cost to Reside a Small House?

This depends on what products you’re looking to use in the residing and the size of your home. But a rule of thumb is around $3.00 per square foot will give you an idea. There are obviously options that are much cheaper and some that are more expensive.

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