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Our dominantly Amish crew are all expert craftsmen and know it’s important to do the job right the first time for the sake of your home and your family.

We are a fully GAF certified contractor able to provide GAF’s unique 50 year warranty on our roofs.

Clean Worksite with Minimal Impact

Our use of the Equipter system means faster cleanup and less damage done to your property and landscaping, so you can go back to enjoying your house faster and with fewer disruptions.

Stay On-time & On-budget

Our use of the Equipter system means faster stripping, faster clean up, and quicker moving of materials with less man power. All of this means we spend less budget and can get your project done faster.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

This place is absolutely amazing! Our roof has been leaking for quite some time. My husband called them and they wanted to come out that day to at least fix it enough til we got a new roof. I highly recommend this company. They did our roof in one day ...on one of the hottest days of the year...and the crew was the absolute best!!! They went above and beyond in every aspect. Our roof looks phenomenal! I can't thank them enough for their professionalism and the quality of their work. If you need a new roof, this company will not disappoint. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who needs their roof done.
Becky Reifsnyder
Becky Reifsnyder
These folks did a great job. They showed up on time and worked hard all day. They removed the shingels on my house, a three car garage and a shed. New shingles were installed in 1 1/2 days. Besides being hard workers the crew was friendly and respectful. The areas around the buildings were left clean. I would recommend this contractor.
John Kusznir
John Kusznir
Great people to work with
Josh Trimble
Josh Trimble
picked a nice shed at great price 👍
I bought multiple pieces from this place. The owner is extremely nice. They can custom make anything you want with whatever color you want. Definitely will be my go-to in the future.
Donna Marie
Donna Marie
This company is amazing! Truly amazing! Their responsiveness is unmatched, returned phone call was immediate, they were able to come to our home the same day. With high quality work! Very professional. And they were done with the job so quickly! With no mess! If you need anything roof related (or other) I highly recommend this company. They are truly a gem! We will seek them out in the future if needed.
Shasta Maier
Shasta Maier

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Should a New Roof Cost per Square Foot?

It depends on the roofing material you’re using. For asphalt shingles, it can cost about $3.60 per square foot. For a metal roof, it can cost about $8.00 per square foot. For a cedar shakes, it can cost about $8.00 per square foot. And for slate, it can cost about $14.80 per square foot.

How Do I Get Insurance to Pay for My New Roof?

This will depend largely on the type of homeowner’s insurance and coverage you have. But generally, your insurance will cover damages to your roof that stem from external sources like storms and other accidents. They don’t usually cover replacing a roof for just normal wear and tear.

Is It Better to Repair or Replace a Roof?

This depends on how extensive the damage to your roof is and how old the roof is.

If your roof is getting closer to 20 years old it may be time to think about replacing the entire roof.

If it’s still relatively young and the damage is not too extensive, you can save the money and opt to just repair the damaged parts.

What Type of Roof Is Best

We get this question a lot. But the answer is very subjective. 

For a straight forward home that’s looking for the most economical choice, it’s very hard to beat an asphalt shingle roof. They’re durable, have a pretty strong life span, and because of the small size of individual shingles it means replacing damaged shingles is pretty easy.

However, if you’re looking for a roof that adds more curb appeal to your home or have the money to invest in a longer lifespan roof some other options could be the best for your home.