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Are you looking for that perfect chicken coop to start your own backyard flock of chickens for eggs? Check out our line of Amish built chicken coops and chicken runs to get you started.

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About Wyomissing Structures

From our humble beginnings on the farm in Lancaster County to our current Sales Lot at 1 Montrose Blvd in Shillington, PA, we here at Wyomissing Structures always strive to provide you, our customers, and friends, with the highest quality products. We sold at affordable prices and delivered with our primary focus of outstanding customer service.

Our signature line of chicken coops are top-of-the-line and will provide an elegant solution to your storage and outdoor entertainment needs. Our products have been approved by many homeowners associations in several counties, and we welcome the opportunity to work with many more. We are fully licensed, (PA #103458) insured, and will work with you to obtain permits, although permit costs and processes remain the sole responsibility of the customer.

From design to site prep, to installation/construction, to clean up, you can be assured that we will always provide the product you expect in a prompt, professional, and courteous manner.

About Our Chicken Coops

Stationary Chicken Coops

These chicken coops are your larger scale options that are built on a more solid foundation and fixed to the ground. Perfect for more larger scale hatchery operations and people that are looking to have eggs to spare.

Semi Permanent Chicken Coops

Perfect for setting up in a single location on your property, a semi permanent chicken coop is a great option because of the ability to attach the chicken run and and are meant to be left in one place for months or years at a time. But they offer the ability to move with a tractor or equipment.

Mobile Chicken Coops

Also known as chicken tractors, these are perfect if you have enough land and are looking to move your flock around fairly regularly to clean pasture and reduce poop cleaning needs. The main downside is they usually can’t hold as many chickens as their more permanent counterparts.

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What Size Chicken Coop Do You Need?

Small Sized Chicken Coop

Are you looking to start small? Maybe get 3-4 chickens for pets and maybe to harvest a couple of eggs each week?

Consider a small chicken coop with only 1 nesting box. These are perfect for people just starting out and don’t have a lot of extra space in their backyards.

Medium Sized Chicken Coops

A medium-sized chicken coop is generally something that can hold anywhere from 5-12 chickens in a flock. Which makes them perfect for families that are looking to utilize their chickens for year-round egg production.

This includes a wide variety of chicken coop designs including chicken tractors and semi-permanent chicken coops.

Large Size Chicken Coops

These are going to be your more stationary chicken coops that are installed on a more permanent foundation. They contain generally 6+ nesting boxes for your flock.

Making these more suited for the small scale hatcheries and families with enough land to give their flock the space they need.

Our Chicken Coops Currently In Stock

We currently do not have any chicken coops on our lot. But feel free to reach out to us to order your chicken coop.

What Our Customers Are Saying

I could not be more pleased with the service I received from these folks. My roof looks great. They charged a fair price. They did my roof in 2 days and they WORKED. I guess the true test will come when it rains but I don’t think I have any cause for concern.

Kurt Wentzel

They were fast on time and cleaned up excellently. My yard looked better than before roof replacement. Definitely recommend them. On the ball.

Edna Miller

If you are looking for beautiful sheds at great prices, look no further. Lots of other great other things too like swing sets and customized buildings and garages.
They deliver too and level it off nicely. Cant beat the service and honesty when you need a shed.

Austin Helsel

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